Kosaku Harakami

Kosaku Harakami is a Special Mii from the 3DS.

Note that this QR code is a version of the original Mii that has been made non-Special. This is not the original QR code.

Kosaku Harakami originally appeared as one of the Miis featured in the Japan-exclusive Club Nintendo reward of a Tomodachi Life fashion catalog. He hasn't appeared in any game. He is a Special Mii with no region lock.

This Mii may contain some information that only applies within the Tomodachi Life game. Any Tomodachi Life-exclusive information will be mentioned as being exclusive to the game.

He was originally made on a 3DS (3), and his birthday is July 29th (1993, according to Tomodachi Life, 19 years old at time of the catalog's publication). His nickname is こうさく ("Kosaku"), has Copying turned off, and Sharing turned off. His Mii ID is 13-0A-29-2A, and his MAC is D8-6B-F7-1F-85-7F. His Mii ID tells us he was created on March 26th, 2013, 11:58:12 AM. His height is set to 85. His creator name is Nintendo. While he does have unused nickname data, it is just junk data that can not be turned into any readable letters.

His Mii data file contains unused Tomodachi Life data. As with all of the Special Miis in this fashion catalog, since the Japanese version of Tomodachi Life doesn't have a custom pronunciation feature, the pronunciation for his nickname and last name is NR_QS NR_QS , and his first name pronunciation is NR_QS NR_QS NR_QS . Clearly this is not intended and results in non-Japanese versions of Tomodachi Life unable to pronounce his name, leaving a mostly silent pronunciation.


A non-Special version of his Tomodachi Life QR code that translates all of his names/pronunciations/his catchphrase into English.

Please note that all the following information only applies to the Tomodachi Life game.

Kosaku's first name is set to the same as his nickname, こうさく ("Kosaku"), and his last name is set to はらかみ ("Harakami").

Kosaku's voice data is as follows (values range from 0 to 100, except for intonation):

Pitch: 14

Speed: 59

Quality: 40

Tone: 25

Accent: 42

Intonation: 1

Kosaku's personality data is as follows (values range from 1 to 8):

Movement: 2

Speech: 2

Expressiveness: 7

Attitude: 6

Overall: 4

Resulting Personality: Easygoing Softie

Kosaku's blood type (a feature only in the Japanese and Korean versions of Tomodachi Life) is O. His catchphrase is そうっすね ("That's right!"). His custom "I" pronoun (another Japanese-exclusive feature) is おれ ("ore", a more masculine pronoun).

As with all the Miis included in the Tomodachi Life fashion catalog, Kosaku's island origin is the following:

Nintendo Island

11-1 Popcorn Isles

Soft-Serve Ice Cream Ocean

His original, unmodified QR code. This is the only QR code on this page that will give you this Mii with golden pants.

Image appearances

This render of Kosaku was also found on the official Tomodachi Life website.

Here is a collection of every instance Kosaku appears in the Tomodachi Life Fashion Catalog. For some images, you may need to open them in a new tab to view them properly.

Mii Studio code

This is Kosaku's Mii Studio code:


You can download Kosaku's Wii U/3DS-format Mii data file extracted from his QR code here.