Office Lady

Office Lady is a Mii from the 3DS.

The Office Lady originally appeared as the main character of the 3DS launch title Pilotwings Resort. She hasn't appeared in any game since. She can be found in the misc.res file, though that file is a format currently unknown, making extracting her full Mii data file impossible without memory dumping.

She was originally made on a 3DS (3), her Mii name in her Mii data file is SAMPLE_00, has Copying turned on, and Sharing turned off. Her console ID is 37-F7-BF-7E-90-CB-10-F5, her Mii ID is 90-F0-B7-EC, and her MAC is 78-A2-A0-35-E6-FE. Her Mii ID tells us she was created on January 1st, 2011, 04:17:28 AM. Her height is set to 71 and her build is set to 38.

She is set to be placed on the 1st page, 2nd row, 3rd column in the 3DS Mii Maker. Her hidden creator name is "?ーストラリア". Replacing the unknown character with "オ", "オーストラリア" is the Japanese word for "Australia". Since other Miis have also had their country of origin in their hidden creator name, this would confirm her being from Australia.

Her Mii data file contains unused data. Specifically, her mouth color is set to the 3rd option. Additionally, the uniform she wears in-game does not ever show her favorite color. In fact, it may even be misleading to what her favorite color is. While the uniform is colored blue, her favorite color is lime green.


The Office Lady has never been given an official name, neither in-game nor in official media. Unfortunately, unlike Ray, her Mii data file does not reveal an actual name for her, either, as her Mii name is simply SAMPLE_00. However, internal filenames give her the name "OfficeLady", so this was the name chosen to represent her on the Mii Library.

It's very likely that the Office Lady is a receptionist, as the building she is normally seen in is called the Office (along with her filename calling her "OfficeLady"), and her in-game uniform resembles that of a receptionist. However, due to how little official information there is about her, it's not certain.

Image appearances

The Office Lady unfortunately does not appear in any promo art. Here is a screenshot of her in-game:

The Office Lady in the Office, inviting the player to the Wuhu Sky Club for the first time.

Mii Studio code

This is the Office Lady's Mii Studio code:


You can download the Office Lady's Wii U/3DS-format Mii data file extracted from 3DS memory here. (CFCD)