Blank Mii

(Tomodachi Life)

Blank Mii is a Mii from the 3DS.

You may get them confused with Mii (Switch)!

Due to a Mii with a completely blank name being impossible on real hardware, Blank Mii's name is set to "a" in this QR code.

The Blank Mii originally appeared in the save files of Tomodachi Life. Tomodachi Life can hold a maximum of 100 Miis, but when the maximum has not been reached on a save file, the empty slots get filled with blank Mii data. This Blank Mii is the result of this.

Most of his data is zeroed out, more than any other Mii. Despite this, he does still have some data left in: As with all Miis in the Wii U/3DS format, the formatVersion value is set to 3. It seems he was originally made on a 3DS (3), which makes sense, as this Blank Mii only appears in unused Tomodachi Life save data. Copying is turned off and Sharing is turned on, but this is just a result of all other values being set to 0. His Mii name and creator name are both completely blank, something unique to him, as even Miis without a name will still have no name as their Mii name.

Another side effect of having most of his values set to 0 is that he is not considered a valid Mii. Attempting to load him will result in an error and he will not be loaded. He is also considered a Special Mii, however, considering this is no doubt simply due to these values being set to 0 and definitely not something the developers intended, he is not listed as a Special Mii in the Mii Library.

His Mii data file does not contain any unused data.


The Blank Mii looks like the default starter male Mii due to only most of his Mii data being set to 0. His formatVersion, originalCreationDevice, height, build, and other Mii face-related data is not set to 0. A truly "blank" Mii - i.e. a Mii with all data really set to 0 - would not be possible to render due to an issue with the eyebrowVertical value. However, just for entertainment purposes, a Mii with all values set to 0 except for the eyebrowVertical (which has been set to the closest it can to 0, which is 3) is shown on the right.

Mii Studio code: 08000000080000000000000800000000030000000000000800000008000000000000000013000000000000000000

Image appearances

The Blank Mii does not appear in any promo art, as he is not meant to be seen.

Mii Studio code

This is the Blank Mii's Mii Studio code:


You can download the Blank Mii's Wii U/3DS-format Mii data file extracted from Tomodachi Life save data here.