(WaraWara Debug)

Mii623 is a Mii from the Wii U.

Mii623 is an unused Mii found in the WaraWara Debug. When the Wii U originally shipped with system version 1.0.0, Nintendo accidentally left in old unused WaraWara Plaza files in a folder labeled "Debug". These were removed in the following system update. Many are in completely different formats than the one used by the final version of the WaraWara Plaza, but it's possible to still extract data from all of them. She, along with another 28 Miis, can be found in a file inside the Wii U NAND named follow_post.xml, with her Mii data file encoded in base64.

As with all WaraWara Debug Miis, she was originally made on a Wii U/Switch (4), her creator name is no name, has Copying turned on, Sharing turned on, the MAC is A4-C0-E1-F8-1B-FF, and unlike the WaraWara Plaza Miis is a valid Mii that can be saved to the Mii Maker. Her Mii name is Mii623 and her Mii ID is D0-00-02-6F. While it may seem possible to calculate a creation date from this, the time/date portion of the Mii ID is the number 623 in HEX, and since the Mii name has the same number, it's likely this is just used as a way to number the Mii rather than a proper time and date. Her height is set to 70 and her build is set to 51. While she does have unused nickname data, it is just junk data that can not be turned into any readable letters.

Her Mii data file contains unused data. Her hair type is symmetrical and normally does not allow flipping, but her hair is set to be flipped anyways. Her mouth color is set to the 3rd option. Her facial hair color is set to the same as her hair color (5th option). Her mustache and her glasses are set to be moved down 2.


WaraWara Plaza Miis have many different official texts for different official languages. However, as all WaraWara Debug Miis were simply meant to be used for testing, no localization was ever done for them. So, at most, only two entries will be listed - the original text and the text translated into English, should that be necessary.

In the follow_post file, Mii623 will speak with an excited expression and says text. Her post has 99,999,999 replies.

Original text:


English translation:

I'm having fun

Her expression, along with her text, implies she was being used to test the excited expression on posts.

Image appearances

Mii623 does not appear in any promo art.

Mii Studio code

This is Mii623 (WaraWara Debug)'s Mii Studio code:


You can download Mii623's Wii U/3DS-format Mii data file here.