Nintendo Network Mii #9

(WaraWara Plaza)

Nintendo Network Mii #9 is a Mii from the Wii U.

Nintendo Network Mii #9 originally appeared as one of the 90 Miis to appear in the WaraWara Plaza when the Wii U is either disconnected to the Internet or can not connect to Miiverse (which nowadays, is always, as Miiverse shut down in 2017). She hasn't appeared in any game since. She, along with the other 89 Miis, can be found in a file inside the Wii U NAND named 1stNUP.xml, with her Mii data file encoded in base64.

As with all WaraWara Plaza Miis, she was originally made on a Wii U/Switch (4), her creator name is NINTENDO, her Mii name in her Mii data file is NINTENDO, has Copying turned on, and Sharing turned off. Her height is set to 27 and her build is set to 44.

Her Mii data file contains unused data. Specifically, her mouth color is set to the 4th option, and her facial hair color is set to the 2nd option. Also, despite having a symmetrical hair type, her hair is set to be flipped.


Since all WaraWara Plaza Miis are named identically, their names on the Mii Library are using the game/application the Mii normally stands under in the WaraWara Plaza. The numbers use the internal ordering of the Miis in the 1stNUP.xml file. In this case, this Mii stands under the Nintendo Network application.

Nintendo Network Mii #9 will speak with a happy wink expression and has a painting. For formatting purposes, regions/languages with identical images will only have one listing.

(Yes, PAL German/Portuguese really is different from USA/PAL Spanish. The difference is a mere 4 pixels, but it's there. Look closely at the period in "VS.".)

USA English,

USA French,

USA Portuguese,

PAL English,

PAL Dutch,

PAL French,

PAL Italian,

PAL Russian,

JPN Japanese:

USA Spanish,

PAL Spanish:

PAL German,
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Image appearances

Like all WaraWara Plaza Miis, Nintendo Network Mii #9 does not appear in any promo art.

Mii Studio code

This is Nintendo Network Mii #9 (WaraWara Plaza)'s Mii Studio code:


You can download Nintendo Network Mii #9's Wii U/3DS-format Mii data file here.