PR_WOMAN is a Mii from the Switch.

PR_WOMAN never officially appeared in-game anywhere, however her Mii data file was found in Mario Golf: Super Rush. Despite being completely unused in-game, she is used in most promo art featuring Miis for the game. Her Mii data file is named pr_woman.mii. (Note that despite using the .mii file extension, which is a popular unofficial file extension given to Wii-format Mii data files for use in third party tools, the Mii data file is in charinfo-format.)

Her Mii name in her Mii data file is PR_WOMAN, referring to the fact she is the female Mii golfer to be used in PR (promotional) material. Her Mii ID is as follows: 78 A7 E1 1F C7 09 40 73 8F 84 3F C5 E9 03 55 4A

Her Mii data file does not contain any unused Mii data.

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Despite appearing in the files of Mario Golf: Super Rush, she is not used anywhere in-game, but is seen in promo art for the game. Therefore, PR_WOMAN is considered a promo art Mii. She and PR_MAN (who is also a promo art Mii) are the only two Miis in the files of Mario Golf: Super Rush.

PR_WOMAN is sometimes given the name "Anna" in promotional material (not to be confused with Anna (Wii) or Anna (Wii U/3DS)). However, as Mii names only seen in promotional material is often incorrect, the Mii Library refers to her using her internal name in her Mii data file, "PR_WOMAN".

The first image on the left is a screenshot from the Japanese website for Mario Golf: Super Rush, showing her name "ANNA".

A short video is displayed on the English Mario Golf: Super Rush website. It shows four things: PR_WOMAN being made in the Switch's Mii editor, PR_WOMAN in English promotional material has the favorite color red (also seen in the final image on the left) while only the Japanese ones show her in purple, her name is "Anna" (not all capitalized, unlike the Japanese name which is "ANNA"), and another Mii who is seemingly only here and shown nowhere else. This new Mii's Mii data file is not in the game.

PR_WOMAN and PR_MAN's Mii data files use the .mii file extension, which is the first time the extension has been used officially. Normally, .mii is used for unofficial third party tools dealing with Wii-format Mii data files, however, these Mii data files are using the CHARINFO format. Miitopia (Switch) also uses the CHARINFO format, and simply gives its Miis the .charinfo file extension.

Image appearances

PR_WOMAN appears in promo art for Mario Golf: Super Rush. This is her only official appearance. For some images, you may have to open them in a new tab to see the whole render.

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This Mii originally appeared on the Switch!

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Mii Studio code

Unfortunately, as the Switch no longer supports QR codes, the only way to obtain this Mii yourself directly is via importing them into your Mii Studio with this tool.

This is PR_WOMAN's Mii Studio code:


You can download PR_WOMAN's charinfo-format Mii data file here.