Saburo is a Mii from the Switch.

You may get them confused with Saburo (Wii)!

Saburo (Switch) originally appeared as an easter egg to replace the Sportsmate CPU with a Mii CPU in version 1.2.0 of Nintendo Switch Sports. His Mii data file can be found in \Mii\MiiCharInfo006.dat.

His Mii name in his Mii data file is さぶろう ("Saburo"). His height is set to 127 (max) and his build is set to 39, and is the only Mii in Nintendo Switch Sports to have height and build differ from the default. His Mii ID is as follows: 85 66 00 EA DC 05 49 E4 B0 59 04 F5 70 C9 05 72

His Mii data file does not contain any unused Mii data.

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While the names of the CPU Miis from Wii Sports Resort were also given to the CPU Sportsmates characters in Nintendo Switch Sports, version 1.2.0 of the game added 10 CPU Miis as an easter egg, activated by holding down L + ZL when on the CPU configuration screen. Saburo is one of the CPUs to have gotten a Mii version, however his Mii has been altered since his appearance on the Wii. On the left is a comparison between his Wii appearance and his Switch appearance.

In order for Saburo (Switch) to appear in Nintendo Switch Sports v1.2.0, one must begin a game of soccer (Four-on-Four), and on the CPU configuration screen (where the player selects the difficulty of the CPU), hold down L + ZL on the left Joy-Con controller. If done successfully, a noise will play, and when the player begins the game, the Sportsmate CPU will be replaced with a Mii CPU using this Mii. The Mii CPU has the in-game title "Legend". As Four-on-Four soccer is done with four players on each team, Saburo's team consists of Gwen (Switch), Anna (Switch), and Miguel (Switch).

Image appearances

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This Mii originally appeared on the Switch!

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Names in other languages

USA English: Saburo
USA French:
USA Spanish:
USA Portuguese: Saburo
PAL English:
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JPN Japanese:
さぶろう (same as in Mii data file)
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Source: Nintendo Switch Sports (v.1.2.0)

Mii Studio code

Unfortunately, as the Switch no longer supports QR codes, the only way to obtain this Mii yourself directly is via importing them into your Mii Studio with this tool.

This is Saburo (Switch)'s Mii Studio code:


You can download Saburo's charinfo-format Mii data file here.