Miis based on real people

Please keep in mind that these are real people - do not use this site as a way to harass or otherwise bother them. The Mii Library is a site dedicated to documenting Miis and everything about them, not the people the Miis may be based on. Please treat these people with respect. Information on the real people are kept short, to a single paragraph about their career and an image or few, to compare the likeness of the person to the Mii.

If you or a family member's image/information is on the site, and you feel uncomfortable with the information provided, please contact me with proof that it is you and the information will be removed as soon as I can possibly do so. I only use information and images that are already publicly available. If none are available or I can not definitely confirm that the person I might have found is indeed the same person the Mii is based on, I simply will not include that person's information.

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